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 Printing Disclaimer
  • We use premium fabrics for all our products. The fabrics are hand sourced by our team. All our prints are hand block-printed and therefore they may be marginal variations in each batch of print. This, we believe, only adds to the spontaneity of our designs, the uniqueness of the products and captures the ephemeral nature of life.

  • All photographs are for representation purpose only and are shot to look as close as possible to the original product. However, there may be marginal colour variations from the actual product.

  • Since we get our designs hand block-printed, we use  'all over print' design for most our products. And thus, the positioning of design/artwork may be different from that as displayed in the picture.

Fabric Care
  • All our products are hand-crafted and made with a lot of care. Our block-printing and detailing are all hand-done. The  buttons/ trims/ patches/ embroideries appearing on our products are also unique and are hand-crafted in almost all cases.

  • As an owner of premium Wildflower products, we request you to look after each piece with great care. The right care is necessary to maintain longevity of handcrafted pieces.

  • All are products are colour-tested, but we mention specific care instructions for each products on the product tags. Please do check these carefully and follow them. Some of our products are dry-clean only.

  • For when we work with hand-loom cotton, there may be slight colour bleeding for the first few washes. Such instances are okay and should cease after a few washes. With each wash the fabric gets softer. However, please follow the wash-care instructions mentioned on the product tags.