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There’s something about her. Dressed in her wispy minty green cotton dress, she sips her tea with as much delight as the ease she exhibits when she speaks her mind. From occasional café hopping sprees to her passion for work, she keeps it effortless, unapologetic and chic.


Celebrating her daily wins, she dances as freely as she dreams. Salsa, anyone? She’s a girl of many genres, not stirred by the routine beer and wine disaffection. She feels like home with friends, yet loves her me time too. Enough with the fear of missing out, there’s joy in missing out as well.


‘A Girl About Town’, our new collection, is all about celebrating her sparky spirit. The spirit of Parisian nonchalance, of embodying a carefree, spontaneous and feminine state of mind.


This new mix of dresses and separates dabbles with a colour palette that is as vibrant and joyful as those spirits, with designs that exude a delicate freshness that lets their individuality shine.


This is for that girl about town. Refreshingly Indian in text, and Parisian in subtext.