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Who doesn’t love flowers? Recall that stroll when the sudden appearance of these beautiful little things left you amused. Imagine that path through a valley of flowers. Gorgeous, aren’t they? They bring instant joy to the beholder and it is seldom that one fails to appreciate their beauty.


It is that same sense of joy that we want to bring to you with our handcrafted pieces. Each piece made with an abundance of love and care. Every piece meant to be savoured and cherished.


To do so we have partnered with talented artisans based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who translate our designs into unique prints using the age-old craft of hand block printing. A craft that has become the core of Wildflower garments.
























As a brand, we want to create endearing yet simple and timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. A piece that will propel you to rummage through your wardrobe in the quest to find it, solely because of the beautiful manner in which it sits and falls on you.


The colors and print tell a different story. Whimsical and relaxed, bringing a certain ‘joie de vivre’ to everyday dressing. All our products are crafted from cotton and its natural variants.


While all good things come at a price, they need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. We therefore price our pieces affordably when compared to a majority of homegrown indigenous brands, by working twice as hard on our production & supply chain, without compromising on the wages of our artisans and instead cutting on the traditional markup.


We are extremely conscious of our impact on the environment. In the pursuit of curtailing wastage of material and resources, we create pieces on demand and do not keep inventory. The scraps are often used for creating accessories & décor pieces in order to keep our wastage to minimum.


That said, we are a small business with big dreams. The culmination of wonderful encouragement from some deeply insightful people and triggered by a random sighting of wildflowers. Founded by Aditi Rathore (a former Market Research Analyst) in 2019, the brand believes in supporting and partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations to mutually grow and create new and impactful work.


Hit us up at for all collaboration / business enquiries! We would love to hear from you : )


Hand block printing is an Indian art form that has been practised in Rajasthan for around 500 years. Originally introduced in Jaipur by the Chhipa community,the art of block printing has been passed down for generations.


The process starts with a design, drawn on paper, which is then meticulously carved on sheesham (Indian rosewood) wood blocks, with each colour in the design intricately carved onto separate blocks. Block carving is in itself an art that requires years of apprenticeship to gain precision and is done entirely by hand. This is followed by the preparation of colours by a master printer. The wooden block is then dipped in the colour and stamped onto the fabric. Each colour pattern is stamped individually.


This elaborate process takes skill and time, as the pattern must be stamped repeatedly across the fabric, colour by colour. The final outcome with its subtle variations — introduced by slight irregularities in print that are inevitable in handwork — gives each creation a unique and intimate character.

Giriraj ji, our master craftsman and his team bringing our prints come to life